If you are a freelance or digital nomad you will surely struggle with the choice of a place to work. Working from home can be tiresome, and the office has a rather formal atmosphere… The ideal way to work seems to be in coworking. Below you will find a list of pros and cons of working in such a place.



  • The greatest advantage that a coworking space offers is cost-effectiveness. Coworking spaces are generally cheap ways to have access to a fully stocked office space. Some will have printers, scanners and other equipment that you might not have at home, while others even offer computers and subsided programs to use, like Photoshop. They’re also great places to meet clients, as generally coffee shops can be too loud, libraries too quiet.
  • Flexibility is the name of the game in the Coworking universe. The multitude of options in a typical coworking space ranges from separate meeting rooms, flex seating arrangements, dedicated desks/seating arrangements on a monthly, weekly or even a daily basis to suit the budgetary requirements of individual professionals or startups.
  • The best thing about a coworking space is that it suits whatever freelancing project you’re working on, no matter how niche or undefined it is. Cass says that the people who are currently using the Vibewire common space are “Freelancers of every ilk, digital producers, developers, designers, writers, media moguls, comedians, authors, educators, entrepreneurs, and even dogs”.
  • Coworking spaces are geared towards building a community of creative collaborators. These spaces are buzzing centers of energy and a melting pot of ideas and strategies which ensure, you have enough fuel to fire your imagination which in turn will reflect in your product/service.




  • Some coworking spaces do not reflect the strictly professional setup that a private office or a business center gives. Privacy can be an issue in some of these joints especially if you have a no-nonsense, zero-disturbance approach towards life. Most of these are generally one-city specific, unlike the business centers that are present in multi cities. However, modern coworking hubs are constantly evolving to overcome these minor shortcomings.