Every day we need to fight the temptation of grabbing the easiest achievable food in the world – fast food. Having a sitting job and eating like this… we know exactly where it can take us.

Today we try to make your life a little bit easier and serve you a fresh pack of lunch ideas. Preparation takes less than 10 minutes & costs reasonable. Both meat & vegetarian options included.

Best snacks are these that make us hungry at the very thought of them. Beautiful, small packages that you can put on your desk and feel thrilled before you even take the first bite. Today, we’re going to inspire you with unusual, fit and heavenly tasty snacks that will be perfect to spice up your day at the work. Go ahead and try to prepare some of these treats. Your Monday at work will suddenly taste better! Click on headlines to get the recipes!

1. Bars made with goodies

Granola bars will save your ass when you will oversleep. They’re healthier and 100% natural siblings of chocolate bars that you can buy in every grocery shop. One of their best benefits is that you can prepare your own dream-granola composition. Nothing really stops you here. Any kind of fruits, nuts, cereals, spices and extras (marshmallows, jellies, meringues, peanut butter are totally okay here). Slice them into small pieces, wrap with the foil and keep running for the tram.



Source: dishbydish.net

2. Colorful Spring Rolls

My personal number one – best takeaway food ready in 5 minutes. Try it, it only looks like a complicated dish, but the rice paper used to wrap filling is so gooey and flexible that even a child can make own Spring Rolls in a perfect shape. But probably the biggest advantage of this dish is that it taste amazing cold and hot, with vegetables only or with fish and meat, with or without sauce or dip. It is definitely super-healthy and satisfying. I’m in the unconditional love with Spring Rolls filled with iceberg lettuce, smoked salmon, mango and avocado slices.


Source: nutritionstripped.com

3. Caprese on cocktail sticks

This is a cute way for all salad lovers to transport your salad in an untouched way from home to work. Everything is mini in this version: mini mozzarella balls, mini tomatoes, mini basil leafs. It’s a snack that can be eat in a very elegant way, piece after piece, like you attend the cocktail party. And you can play a little with tradition and make your own sticks – with olives, parmesan, anchios or meatballs, potatoes, and chipotle. This way it can be also a good hot snack.


Source: ahealthylifeform.com

4. Chia Fruit Breakfast

Chia pudding is awesome and fresh fruit salad is awesome too. Lesson learned from this fact? Mix them to jump into a new level of awesomeness. To the place where your belly will get high. Chia seeds are full of vitamin B, calcium, iron, manganese, and zinc. Add vanilla, honey, favourite fruits and the most important – put it all into one of this beautiful jar. In the end, like they say – you eat not only with your mouth but mostly also with your eyes.


Source: sassy-kitchen.com

5. Well-known snacks in a different way

Okay, so everyone sometimes needs something… less healthy. But try to add some ingredients to the popular snacks to change their flavour completely. Popcorn? For sure you know the salted version and that one with toffee topping. But! Have you ever tried parmesan popcorn? It’s incredible. Also, if you want to always have some rescue-snack at your desk, try to spice chickpeas with your favourite seasoning and roast it together just for a moment. Delicious!



What’s your best recipes? Share best ideas for snacks that can be brought to work – we’re huge fans of new flavours!