Today learn to use all the business tools you’re equipped with as a startup

Invite others to the heart of your company – to your own office. The point is, you can easily gain a lot of feedback from people who supports your project and wants to meet you personally. As you probably already know, the things that turn everyone in the startup world are: the creative atmosphere and team spirit. Share good vibes with those who visit you and wait for a wave of positive energy. Because – what you give is what you get. Today’s most successful startups were never isolated, their owners and employees – as they often underline in the interviews – learned the most from collaboration and stimulating discussion. And for that networking is perfect!

Additionally, every small business owner has to reckon with money. Every single day is about constant development. Startups simply cannot afford the luxury of not making money where it’s possible. At the beginning, each dollar is priceless, because it can be invest in promotion, publicity or a refrigerator filled with Red Bulls (whatever it takes to run a successful business). So, if you didn’t realize it yet, how much can you miss by not using all opportunities that come knocking, you will certainly implement some changes after reading this text.

Lucky you, office owner

Some solutions are so simple, so trivial and so obvious… that, of course, they never come to our minds. It’s typical and it’s written in the stars that somebody has to point it out to us to make it clear. Like the basic opportunity to rent the desk in your office to somebody. Just for one day or hours. Yes, it’s called coworking space and yes, you can easily ‘run’ your own.


What you need to start

Ok, so reaching to this point of the text you’ve probably think of 10 possible problems with becoming a host in your own office. I have to worry you – I’ll probably dispel them all. First and basic one: opening your company for freelancers is a complicated process. Nope. All you need is what you already have – desks with chairs, internet connection, electric sockets, water and coffee. Although I’d like to underline here that a good coffee machine can be your biggest advantage! 🙂 Even biggest than having a chilling room with table tennis. Coffee is what make freelancers, startup owners, and digital nomads

How to win first bookings

The community of people that work independently rises incredibly fast and according to the deskmag research, the trend will be upward for long years. Predictions are clear: we’ll see over 10.000 coworking spaces open by the end of 2016. Half of the year still remaining to have a contribution to this stats 😉 Will you join this revolution? On this journey, we’ve got a perfect tool for you. DESK.WORKS, the application that allows you to share your desks absolutely for free. What’s more, our team full of passionate people is willing to tool your office up with all necessary marketing and promotion support. So basically, if you like the idea of earning extra cash for renting desk that is unused, register and submit your office to our app. The best thing is, that we verify each potential customer and you’ll always have access to their data. Managing bookings through DESK.WORKS is super easy even for nontechies, so no more excuses!

The only question you should ask yourself is – why not? Being a part of the community of like-minded, open and innovate people can only bring some new values to your own business and inspire you as well as your coworkers. We tried this and we absolutely fall in love with being open for new people, stimulating business conversations and a breath of a fresh air in your own workplace. What we can tell for sure – it’s addictive in a good way.