Dear Entrepreneur, am I right, that you’re an expert in the game called ‘the art of survival on the market’? At this difficult path, I’ve got for you some tips and it’s highly probable that you‘ve never considered it before. Co-working! More precisely – opening your own office for freelancers. Filling your workspace. Because smart and foreseeing owner is able to ensure a company with profits and savings even at the point where others see nothing but troubles.

But what exactly can you do and why is it so revolutionary? Just listen: empty room in the office. Unoccupied desks. Conference room used occasionally. You may be surprised, but all these things can turn into one of the most effective ways to revive company. Co-working as a sign of our times gains splendid popularity. Indeed, it’s an ideal solution not only for freelancers or founders of such places, but also for private entrepreneurs. For the latter it means having two businesses instead of one, without additional costs and burdening investments.

startup-594091_1280You rented or bought an office, it’s now fully equipped, connected to the internet, while supplies and cleaning are already handled. You were starting not knowing exactly how many of workplaces you’ll need, and above all it’s always better to keep a place for the future development. So, what you observe is that a certain number of desks has no owner. Reasons can be multiple – delegations, annual leaves of employees, vacancies, remote work or fieldwork…

Hot-desking and job splitting are mostly unwelcome among employees. Therefore, maybe you’ll think seriously about opening your company to co-workers? An abundance of advantages is incredible, because it’s a pure example of a win-win situation, with a very low rate of risk. Although the most obvious thing seems to be reducing costs of running business it’s not the most important one. Possibility of concluding contacts with people from different industries is crucial here!

As a part of co-working community you will come across photographers, lawyers, programmers, accountants, copywriters, graphic designers, and many more – without moving from your own office (what was previously a rather unusual, right?). How many times have you been looking for answers for some intricate questions from outside your specialization? Co-working gives you opportunity to exchange knowledge even during the lunch break. Staying with someone is the easiest way to get to know how good is he at what he does, so basically you have also a chance to invite to cooperation professionals (and minimize the risk of disappointment). And you know, it goes both ways. You never know who’s gonna book a desk tomorrow. A future key customer, maybe?

Co-working is a growing trend and its reception will have a positive impact on opinion about your company. It’s certainly an organizational innovation, not every company has the courage to implement it, but it expresses an open attitude to the environment, encourages to make contact and shows that we have nothing to hide, what really pleases people. This also helps to implant best practices to the company, allowing employees to feel like the hosts. But perhaps the best thing is that such meetings have a power to inspire, to teach productivity and to get your team into a habit of behaving the same way on their business trips.

Co-working is a growing trend and its reception will have a positive impact on opinion about your company.

Finally, a few words about your duties, because the benefits are already underlined in excess. You have to make sure that the desk awaits its guests clean & tidy. Good, bright lighting is always important. Coffee is not a privilege, it’s a must. You should think also about updating the website – add nice photos of the office and of course of your amazing team. Speaking of which – it’s essential to talk it over with your crew. At the time when everything will be buttoned up don’t forget to enjoy this valuable experience!