To put it simply a healthy lifestyle is one which helps to improve people’s health and well-being. Living healthy lifestyle means living long life. Healthy lifestyle involves many important factors for example physical activity & exercise, proper diet, personal hygiene, proper sleep, absence of addiction, love & mutual friendship based on social support and healthy relationships with other people, safe and accepting environment and proper health education. Such factors play a vital role in good health and well-being throughout lives of every human beings – including entrepreneurs, active professionals and digital nomads.

Still the question remains: how to maintain a healthy lifestyle at your chosen coworking space?  Here are some useful tips to improve your health whilst working hard at the workspace.

Take a break… it’s good for your health

Get away from your desk and laptop screen for 10-15 minutes or so. Disconnect from work. Taking breaks at work is essential part of the day. There are numerous benefits of taking breaks at work for example a break can serve as a creativity boost or it’s a chance to make new social & professional connections. Breaks during work are also important for lowering stress and increasing productivity at work.

Physical activity in or around workplace

A short walk during lunchtime obviously reduces stress and provides a perfect opportunity to network. After taking such walk you will surely return to your projects feeling refreshed and energized. Simple stretches at your desk can be blessing to your neck and shoulder and they lower stress too!

Avoid car, choose bike or running instead

Of course avoiding the car can be extremely tough, especially when the weather is rainy and cold, but biking, running or walking to co-working space is good for your health.

Consider using standing desk

Sitting for excessively long periods can be harmful for your body and is even considered as a risk factor for early death. A height adjustable standing desk might be an interesting option for active and physical activity-loving entrepreneurs. Standing desks may have some obvious health benefits for example they can help individuals to be more creative and productive.

Proper position at desk

If you need to sit at desk an ergonomic office chair is worth consideration. Such chair becomes useful for maximizing back support, improving physical health and supporting good posture while sitting. Proper position at desk can boost your mood and confidence too!

Use gym as often as you can 

Some unique and thriving coworking spaces have built a gym into their spaces in order to improve performance of their members and make them healthier and stronger. Attending gym reduces stress, provides higher mental stamina, sharpens concentration and increases memory capacity. Lack of time is only an excuse. You could always hit the gym and work out before going to work. Or bring fitness to your coworking space. Keep your workout on your schedule every day. Exercise as you work. Keep your body fit and flexible. Even simple stretches and back exercises can do wonders. Try also some yoga sessions or meditation to soothe your mind! You want to do this, because it’s fun and healthy.

Overcome your addictions

Last but not least, avoid junk-food, alcohol and cigarettes. Healthy eating means taking control of how much and what types of food you eat as well as beverages you drink. Replace fast food, sweet drinks and high calorie desserts with fruits, vegetables and whole grains.