Whether you work down the street or you’re exposed on a 1-hour drive to your workplace there’s one thing you should remember – your morning commute doesn’t really have to be a waste of time. What if I told you that the time you spent sitting in the car or on the subway or whatever could be productive? Hey, instead of letting your precious time passing by, check out the list of audiobooks that will help you manage your time and make it way more productive!

Productive morning commute

Learning new languages made easy

Adding a new language to the field of your skills may bring a massive expand to your career possibilities and opportunities. So if you ever thought it’s a harsh experience – time to change your mind and start focusing on developing yourself. Need some examples? Here they are:

  • If you’re a beginner try with audio language courses like Spanish for Dummies or Rapid French” straight from Audible. Once you’ve got it – simply turn it on and start learning!
  • When it comes to advanced level, why not to try with learning Arabic with innovative language’s proven language system? Or perhaps business Russian podcast would be a perfect fit for you?

And hey! Don’t understand everything what’s being said? No worries, studies have shown that whenever you’re exposed to the spoken language it helps your brain absorb it better.


Productive boosting your professional skills

Transforming a time during your commute into the valuable one doesn’t always come to learning a new language. There are plenty of audiobooks around the field of business that can improve your professional skills. Let’s take a look at some of the most inspiring!

Productive morning commute


Why don’t you start with squeezing in The Startup Of You – written by LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, that presents careers and experiences paired with other’s success stories. Grab that example and start seeing new opportunities that each day brings you this enterprising world.

Inspire your teamwork and social skills with How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. This classic one simply focuses on the psychology behind daily interactions so if you’re looking for a way that brings you success – that’s gonna be a perfect fit for you!

And… the most importantly – listen to something that’ll make you stay motivated all the time, like Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel H. Pink. With that audiobook, you’ll give yourself discipline a kick up the ass and take back your control! 😉

So starting today, instead of thinking about how tired you are, focus on those positive sides. 😉 Just sit back relaxed, put on your comfy headphones and stretch your brain! Easy peasy, don’t you think?