How many times you find yourself chained to your desk for hours instead of getting things done? We often know that there is a better way to finish workday successfully, but we’re just too busy to take an action and we keep going. Like always. And that’s the sign that you’re not taking enough breaks and make your productivity decreased. Studies have shown that if you getting away from your desk regularly, you help your brain come back on the track to focusing again. So hey! It’s high time to implement it to your life! Grab a list of 3 productive activities that immediately will boost your and your co-workers’ energy at work and make your tasks done in a more efficient way! 😉 Let’s begin!

1. The Rule of 52 and 17

According to one of the experiments made by a time-tracking and productivity app DeskTime, the most productive people work for 52 minutes, then take a break of 17 minutes before getting back to work again. Sounds crazy, huh? But it turns out that employees with the highest productivity ratings don’t even work 8 hours a day. So how about pulling out all the stops in those 52 minutes and then spent 17 minutes far away from your computer. Let emails and everything connected with work wait and simply relax by reading a book or chatting with co-workers (not about work, of course) 😉

2. Deskercise!

You may love your work, but if you spent there most of your day sitting, you might not be doing your best. Did you know that getting up your butt regularly can highly increase your productivity? Even to 12%! That’s right. So give yourself a 20-minute walk or a 10-minute stationary jog. Haven’t heard about that? Pop up from your desk and simply jog in place. Pick up those legs and keep it going for a minute or two, then take a short break and continue jogging again. Hey, remember to exercise quite regularly. Apps like Office Stretches or Freeletics will not only remind you about taking an active break but also give you example exercises. Who’s gonna try? 😉

Productive Break

3. Share your break with a co-worker

Or with all of your team! It’s a great opportunity to bond with your colleagues and get to know them better. Why not alone? Because you’re simply less motivated to leave your computer by yourself and with folks exhausted of looking at their monitor it’s much easier. You’re in the same boat. So leave those comfy zone and enhance relationships! Grab some fun finger food like pizza or have a small chat together. This can help you out with boosting your creativity – two heads are better than one. 😉 So… who’ll be the first one to hang out with?