Who said that we can only choose our profession once in a lifetime? Times have changed, and what was natural and desirable for the generation of our parents seems to be less obvious for us. Nowadays hardly anyone ties with just one company for a lifetime. We’re more open to changes, we take risk courageously and… yes, sometimes we fall out of the frying pan into the fire, but at least we know we live. Maybe you’re at the moment in such a crossroad in life, maybe you need a break from your current position, maybe you dream about having your own company, maybe it’s just a start of your adult life and you desperately look for something that will suits you perfectly. Listen to a story of Camille and if you didn’t consider to run a buisness in coworking, think again!

„I have always been an entrepreneur. I set up my first business in Sydney, Australia. I traveled through Asia and kept on working. I’m now in Europe and I spend 1/3 of my time in Paris, 1/3 in Brussels and 1/3 in Berlin”.

Start working on your own. Be independent. Make a difference. Remember that fear and stagnation can kill you much faster than trying and even falling from time to time. You don’t need a big startup capital, own office or your Mum’s permit. Think about your strengths. Think about passion strong enough to base your new business model on it. Like Camilla did:

„At Payfacile (the company I founded), we are more than just digital nomads who are usually freelancers. Payfacile is a startup that has its headquarter in Paris but our team is dispatched between Paris, Brussels, Berlin and everyone is free to keep on traveling wherever they want as long as you connect to the company’s Slack everyday. The major aspect that brought me to set up this kind of management in my startup is the constant pursuit of freedom. People must be free to live and work from anywhere in the world. Plus it is much easier to retain talents within the company when you give them the freedom to live wherever they want”.

As she said: „The company I set up is also related to this digital nomad lifestyle. It solves a problem I had and most of us have: getting paid easily through credit card payments”.

Need some more inspirations? Here we go!

1. Creative Professionals are on the TOP!

Graphics, Copywriters, Photographers, Writers, …

Take your time and nuzzle a little bit in the Facebook’s groups for remote workers. You’ll notice in a minute that these professions are definitely popular. Competition is very fierce. Truth has to be said – to succeed in this field you have to be an extraordinary specialist. Good idea to get through is to put together some of these creative jobs. Being multitasker and a good self-marketer is crucial here. To lift your spirit, before you throw in the towel – when succeeded, creative professional is in a high demand. And in a perfect financial position to travel and to work.

2. Share your best.

Language Teachers, Online Tutors, Public Speakers, …

This is perfect for the non-tech savvy person. Love to teach? Help people solving their problems? Make them wiser, bolder, much more confident? Internet gives us opportunity to USE our knowledge in the best possible way – by helping others to learn something new and exciting. Possibilities are countless – you can manage your ‘classes’ through smartphone, emails, Skype, chats, etc. Start your own website or join one of the networks who’ll find clients for you (LearnshipVerbalPlanet). Talking about languages – depending on your education, you could teach teenagers from high-schools, tech-schools, students or employees in the companies. What’s the salary? From 10-30$ per hour.

Remember to step out of the box – not only English is something that people around the world want to learn. Art of presentation, rhetoric, maths, physics, accountancy, Photoshop, crocheting – everything can be ‘sold’ via internet, it’s just a matter of good organization and a true passion.

3. Life after corporation.

First of all – be proud of yourself. You survived. And you managed to escape. Now let’s think a little bit about your new beginning. You have a lot to tell. You have possessed truly valuable knowledge. Organize it, polish and open the new chapter of being an adviser. What was your field of specialization? Finances, investment funds, banking…all according to the company’s standards. Now it’s your turn to speak with your own voice. Be the most experience and independent consultant you can only imagine. Tell the truth, make money on uncovering cards.

4. IT paradise for coworkers.

Not really much to add here. If you’re an IT specialist, programmer, web, app or game designer you can work remotely. Currently, the vast majority of companies are opting for this kind of cooperation. Book a desk in tropical paradise, but remember to stick to your deadlines.