A freelance job is basically a type of job that one can do from almost anywhere from the world. Of course, it requires an ability to precise and timely work without guidance, strong communications & networking skills and an ability to maintain your own projects. There are many examples of freelance jobs: graphic designers, travel writers, English teachers, bloggers, musicians, authors, journalists, photographers, interpreters, filmmakers, tour guides, successful Youtubers, independent programmers or even volunteers.

Most freelancers work flexibly from their homes and have multiple bosses and projects to deal with. Such way of freelancing can be extremely challenging for them. However here are some useful tips for freelancers that will help them to stay organized and focused.

– Sticking to the same hours of work every day can help to boost freelancer’s happiness and productivity. Professional career and personal life obviously should be separated from each other.

– Freelancers should avoid less interesting or less profitable assignments and just concentrate on unique and exciting opportunities. Sometimes it’s better to say ‘no’ instead of being overwhelmed with too many jobs or projects. So try to eliminate work overload completely.

– Writing ideas and thoughts for multiple assignments and projects in the notebook is an obvious way to avoid chaos during work. For example, Evernote is an ideal mobile platform to collect and share freelancer’s ideas and thoughts on various jobs or projects.

– Learn to reply important emails as soon as possible. Immediate email responses are an important part of keeping your bosses and clients happy. Do not upset your sources of income by ignoring their messages for too long.

– Every self-respecting freelancer should build long and steady professional relationships with bosses or clients.

– Ignore distractions during work – basically anything that diverts or interrupts a person’s attention and productivity. Such distractions can be both online and offline. If you are a freelancer, digital nomad or even work in a traditional office get rid of distractions. Close your Facebook account, Twitter account, Flickr, Instagram, WhatsApp, blogs or digital newspapers. Focus on your work and projects instead. Keep your telephone on silent mode – ignore unimportant phone calls and messages. Remind your family members and friends that you don’t like unexpected personal visits that can disturb your concentration. If you feel bored, stressed or burnt out don’t hesitate to take some short breaks and do some stretching or moderate exercise. Stay motivated and self-disciplined as often as you can. It’s always better to finish off all your work before the end of the day.

–  Attention freelancers! – it’s extremely important to pay close attention to taxes, your income, and expenses related to your business. You deserve to get paid properly for your work. Focus on all these details.

A freelance work offers plenty of tremendous advantages and is a perfect alternative to a traditional job. So if you dislike your current job you shouldn’t be scared to go freelance.