Christmas is just right around the corner and these few weeks are nothing else than a season of cheery company holiday parties. Yup, you heard me right! 😉 Everyone in the office worked truly hard during a whole year, so they all deserve one of a kind party that will stay in everyone’s minds long after. Remember – Xmas office party is a celebration of the wonderful people – your co-workers, that’s why we should all make this day best of them all.

And don’t you worry – organising such an event can be a lot of fun that not only will make this party unforgettable but most importantly – will let your teammates bond and further working relationships throughout the year. Ready to read about what can make Christmas in your office special? Let’s get this party started! 😉

office christmas party

Where to party?

Hey, since you already brought some Christmas cheer to your boring desk then why not to take the opportunity and make a party right there? I know, I know. No one wants to spend their Christmas party in the office where you work every day, but hey! No worries, starting in the office could be a perfect kind of small BEFORE, but it’s truly worth it to splash out on an outside facility. It’s surely gonna help to break the office routine and get everyone into a festive spirit. Yay! 😉


It’s not a Christmas party without gifts!

And you should know about it. That’s right! So, no more excuses and complaints about the fear to buy or what’s worse – to GET a super fail-gift. 😉 Why don’t you try one of these 3 fun gift exchange ideas to try at work this holiday season?

  • Secret Santa – let everyone in the office draws the name of one co-worker they’re gonna buy an inexpensive gift. And if you want to make it even more fun – choose a crazy topic of gifts that will turn your party into truly funny time!
  • White Elephant – there couldn’t be a better option when it comes to employees with a good sense of humour! So make each co-worker bring some wrapped gift that’s gonna be put in a central location, where everyone will take their turns selecting presents. When the first person opens a gift they choose – the next person has an option to steal it or select a new one. So what makes it so funny? White elephant gifts are usually very weird and crazy! Literally.
  • Coffee mugs – sounds boring, but have you ever thought about it that way? Almost everyone in the office drinks coffee or tea! 🙂 Set a price limit and find some unique mug – fill it with some sweets and… happiness guaranteed. Simple, yet joyful.


Keep this Christmas cheer going!

Next day people might be a little hangoo… ahem, tired from all the Xmas fun! But try to keep this spirit up! Share some photos or even videos to remind everyone how much fun you had – those are the best ways to make all employees remember about how much you already miss this event. 😉