Today we are happy to introduce you coworking space that joined our DESK.WORKS community not so log ago – NGIN Workplace. NGIN located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it’s very close to Harvard University and Charles river which separates it from Boston. NGIN is a vibrant boutique coworking community of startups and entrepreneurs who know that the key to success starts with a superb work environment in a premium office space. They are home to industry leading graphic designers, app developers, and nano and bio tech startups. NGIN intelligently designed office is equipped with everything busy entrepreneurs and their companies need to succeed! NGIN coworking space managed by COO Olga Akselrod and the Management Consultant Joan de Haene.

“We set ourselves apart from the competition with our impeccable customer service. We are entrepreneurs ourselves, so we perfectly understand our members. Our small but helpful team is always ready to lend a hand or troubleshoot any problems. We make our members and their clients our priority! We are always just a couple of desks away” – said Olga Akselrod.


“We are not your typical nine to five crowd, here. We understand how hectic the entrepreneurial lifestyle can get and we pride ourselves in providing our community a healthy and balanced life while they are off pursuing their big ideas and changing the world. Our bistro kitchen is fully stocked with gourmet coffee and organic snacks to power our members through their busy work day. We are also excited to bring the gym right to the office with weekly CrossFit sessions that are guaranteed to have our members sweating.” – said Joan de Haene.


“To add to our unique vibe, we offer our community a chance to unwind with free beer on Fridays, monthly pancake breakfasts, ice cream parties, and wine nights. Our entrepreneurs work hard so we give them a chance to loosen up and celebrate their accomplishments!” – added Olga Akselrod.

If you are planing to go to Massachusetts, don’t forget to visit this unique place.

Now you can book this coworking space only for 20 USD per day through DESK.WORKS app!

Check more about NGIN coworking space on their website