Coworking means sharing a space with creative and like-minded professionals, who all form highly collaborative environment full of ideas and brainstorming, but all self-employed workers still need their own personal spaces, which are respected by others. People are different. Some digital nomads are shy, quiet and introverted, others enjoy chatting and socializing with as many people as they can. Building networks and social connections is not always easy for lone entrepreneur, however it’s certainly worth trying.

So you need a quiet desk space that will allow you to carefully think, analyze, plan and accomplish. Your own private desk space. But how to decorate it? How to make it more comfortable and homely? Let’s find out.

Nature and personal photos

Decorate your own private desk space with framed photos of people (or animals) you love: your children, parents, spouse, friends or pets. If you are nature lover or accomplished traveler don’t forget to bring some of your favourite photos of flora and fauna, mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls, you name it. As for me being a geology buff I would bring to my own private desk space some pieces of lava or minerals I collected over years. Remember! Your desk space should be a pleasant place to work in. Stylish art prints are highly welcomed too!

Lush greenery and lovely flowers

It’s always great to decorate walls of your own private desk space with soothing greenery including variety of small, easy to maintain plants. Your space needs fresh flowers, succulents or potted plants too, because they can actually help to increase your productivity and they are perfect stress reducers/air cleaners!

Books and magazines

Books are easy way to make your own private desk space feel more homely. They provide fun and color as well as entertainment or intelectual stimulation for your waiting guests or for your own well-being. The same goes for ambitious newspapers or scientific/travel magazines.

Your favourite personal elements

Your favourite personal elements on a tack board next to your desk (for example inspirational quotes or images) will help you to become more motivated and less stressed.

Comfortable zone

Make sure that your chair is comfortable, your laptop is set up ergonomically and your desk is at the proper height. Such details are very important, if you want to improve your workspace.

Finally after doing such small things look at your own private desk space and smile!  🙂