Share your knowledge with co-workers. See why it would be good for everyone!

One of the main advantages of coworking is the opportunity to observe and learn from other professionals. Effective collaboration between co-workers is extremely important and it can be achieved via knowledge sharing. If you are freelance writer you may share your chosen coworking space with programmers, graphic designers, website designers or other scientific minds. All of them have some expert knowledge and are eager to share it with newcomers. But why is knowledge sharing in coworking spaces so significant?

There are many practical ways to improve yourself. Growth of your professional skills means your continous development into more proficient and knowledgeable worker. So learn something from everyone you meet.

Acquiring different skills and know-how from your co-workers can help you to stay more focused and motivated. You can easily become the very best at anything you do in your field. And of course you can share your own valuable insights with other like-minded professionals. You will always get feedback and help with your projects from people with distinct skills and competences.

Knowledge sharing also builds your reputation and recognition. Being perceived as an expert in your particular field is one of the most powerful motivators when it comes to your effectiveness and creativity. It can even open up the doors for more high paying future job  & business opportunities. So be helpful to others as often as you can – the more you help the others, the more they will want to help you.

Brainstorming meetings & sessions with differently skilled co-workers can generate the flow of new and innovative start-up ideas and eye-opening solutions. It’s often the first step to achievement. Your suitably difficult and exhausting job tasks and projects become easier to deal with collective help from your colleagues.

If you are rookie or newcomer you can easily learn specific skills, new techniques and new information by asking questions and sharing your knowledge. This is obviosuly a large part of achieving your personal or professional goals.

Exchanging knowledge between indviduals or teams builds trust and collaboration. A trusting co-worker will openly share useful ideas and techniques. He will feel that his work has purpose. We all long for this meaning.

Knowledge is most valuable when it’s passed on, recorded and preserved, because it stimulates innovation and productivity. Knowledge sharing saves a lot of time and money and is beneficial to everybody.

Therefore be friendly to your co-workers, keep learning new things all the time and share your knowledge without hesitation!