Staying motivated in a coworking space all day is pretty hard. Digital nomads are often unable to stay fit due to busy schedules and many projects they are involved in. Still, there are many simple ways to staying in good shape at work.

Don’t eat at your desk

Try to go to another area (coffee shop or a park) during your lunch break.

Face to face

Talk with your fellow digital nomads face to face instead of communicating with them via mail or phone.

Avoid the elevator

Use stairs as often as you can. This is a perfect way to incorporate some movement (physical activity) into your routine day at work. Not to mention, stairclimbing can boost your health.

Walk this way

If possible, do not use your car, walk or ride a bike to your chosen coworking space. Burn calories, not fuel. If you enjoy driving your car park it several blocks away and walk the rest of your way.

Do exercises

Excercise a lot while coworking. Your physical excercises should include squats (minimum 10), push-ups, calf raises or side leg lifts. Excercises of moderate intensity are also highly welcomed for example light to moderate workouts or back excercises.

Use your free time

Use your morning and afternoon breaks for brisk walking, other physical activity and healthy eating.

Keep your back straight

Remember to use correct posture when working – sit back straight in your chair, your shoulders relaxed and stomach muscles pulled in.

Less sugar

Avoid drinking soda or energy drinks, because they are full of sugar. Choose green tea, black tea or black coffee instead. Avoid eating chips too.

Be active

Stay active all the time while coworking – mix up standing and sitting, walk around your coworking space, do some squats or push-ups, etc. Think about being healthy everyday. Ditch the most common excuses to avoid physical activity. You are never too old to excercise. You are not too tired to exercise. You always have enough time to excercise.

Have fun excercising and laugh a lot!