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Today we continue our interview series, in which we present to you spaces, that are available within our app to help you get to know DESK.WORKS a little bit better. We have invited Shhared from Hamburg, to tell you more about their space. Below, you can find answers from Alex, the founder of Shhared.

Enjoy, and be sure to visit them the next time you are in Hamburg!

Shhared - indoor 1

How did you come up with the idea to start your own coworking space? How did you start?

Opportunity doesn’t usually present itself in the way you’d expect. I remember meeting a lot of people who weren’t fulfilled in their roles, needed support and an inspiring environment in which they could be successful. Like many people, I had business ideas but after not being able to find a suitable role within months of moving to Germany, I realized now was the time to make a new start. It was a huge risk, especially without a network or German language skills but i’ve always been told ‘good fortune favors the brave’. I try to stay committed to learning and growing so taking this step seemed a natural one for me. Of course it was very hard and risky but as I tell creators, founders and entrepreneurs all the time, sometimes it’s riskier not to take a chance. Shhared and what it represents is a solution that stands at the junction of my passions, skills and many of the challenges people/companies face.

How many people are working on the project?

I came up with idea alone and developed it by bouncing my ideas and questions off friends, family, mentors and potential community members. Coworking is more than a project and we are all working on making the future of work a better and more engaging one. Shhared just reached the 2 year milestone and in my latest blog I expressed my gratitude before announcing the next phase of the Shhared journey. Stage 2 is all about growth by leveraging good collaborations and partnering with people/brands that share our vision. Ultimately we want to push forward as a community, I’m an active founder but I can’t take credit for everything that happens at Shhared. Spaces often employ large teams to perform tasks for the community but we have found many of those responsibilities are actually things our members enjoy doing themselves. 

Where is it located? What should people who visit your coworking space do / see when they are there? What’s interesting in your region?

Visit Shhared in Hamburg, we are in one of the most beautiful cities in northern Germany. As the 8th biggest city in Europe you won’t be short of things to do here. We were recently included in a piece written in the Financial Times (UK) focusing on the city being a hotspot for talented and ambitious people. The city is exciting and each area has it’s own charm. I’d recommend stopping by and connecting with our members on what’s hot. If you happen to be in the area before Christmas, why not join us on one of our community outings to the local Weihnachtsmarkt.

Tell me little bit more about your country’s market in terms of coworking spaces.

It’s exciting times right now. The market is growing rapidly and we are very active in being an agent for growth and change. Every few months there are new creators and companies asking about coworking. I think the next 2 years will see some major advances and normal people will play a big role in that development. Berlin is the startup capital of Germany but Hamburg is the centre for media, design and tech as well as the home to many talented ladies and gentlemen. Experts point to the East of Germany and Frankurt/Stuttgart to keep on imporving but often see Hamburg as the next big city to have a notable impact.

What is unique about your coworking space?

People often feedback they are drawn to us by our authentic character, values and journey. The Shhared location and vision is also something that can’t be duplicated but most of all our community and offer make Shhared a great place to grow yourself and your business. People want to feel part of something greater than themselves and I’m personally looking forward to developing on that idea with the diverse group of people that call Shhared home.

Shhared interview - indoor

What kind of people are working in your coworking space? (professions, how do they feel about coworking experience)

Most spaces try to focus on a particular profession, gender or age group but we see diversity as both and asset and an opportunity. Some of the strongest relationships we’ve built and success stories we can share, come from focusing on what brings us together not what separates us. The kind of people we have are a variety of open minded, ambitious men and women with different skills and backgrounds. Our members understand and encourage what we are trying to achieve here and that amongst other things shows us they are happy.

What kind of financial options do you have? (monthly, daily ticket, other options)

We try to offer the best possible solution to our members before we try to fit them into predesigned pigeon holes. We have found the community really value flexibility so as long as they benefit from that, we offer a wide range of options. Get in touch for details.

Do you organize events? How often and which topics you are most interested in?

We have regular events and they are typically powered by our community. We offer what people want to experience and try not to offer anything else. For example, recently we held a creative workshop, some skill sharing sessions, women focussed professional events, the typical software stuff and even a business yoga series. Events are great because they support and bring people together. If any readers have great ideas for events, i’d love to hear them – send us an email or a message via social media.

How do you like DESK.WORKS idea? How do you think it can help coworking spaces?

The basis of the DESK.WORKS idea is simplicity. We are big fans of keeping things easy and transparent. Coworking spaces often shout about their features, the great thing about DW is that it can help to bring the benefits straight to the consumer.

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