Today, it’s our great pleasure to welcome Bastian Barami to our blog. We wanted to ask him about his coworking experience, because 70% of the year he spends abroad and traveling. We caught him during his trip to Morocco in a middle of sandy desert and attention please, he had an internet connection. He is the founder of Officeflucht, a German digital nomad blog in which he teaches about location independent, eCommerce and many other topics related to a self-determined life. He is specialized in the Amazon FBA business and also does workshops and speaking gigs in this field. 7-8 of may he will be exceptionally in Berlin because he is one of the the speaker of DNX Berlin Conference. He does like to work in cafés but sometimes there is the need for a quite surrounding and a real working atmosphere. That’s why he appreciates the DESK.WORKS app so much, showing him places he didn’t know before.

In which countries did you stay in the last 6 months?

“I was in Brazil twice, Bali, Spain, Morocco, Netherlands and Germany where my home base is. Heading to Colombia in 3 weeks”

Why do you prefer to work in coworking spaces?

“Because you get into a better working flow when you are surrounded by other productive people. I also do like to work in nice cafés but you are never as productive as in a neat working environment. And whenever you have a little break and get in a conversation with other location independent workers it’s always very interesting to hear about the projects they’re passionate about. In cafés you cannot really put in long hours of good work without feeling like trash afterwards. To have good office chairs and a desk in an adequate height is essential for me when I’m looking to get things done. What I also appreciate in a coworking space is a much more stable internet connection. In most cafés the routers are normally not suitable for lots of people heavily using it. Slow internet is worse than no internet. Good coffee of course is also mandatory in a coworking space as well as in a café.”

What is the most important for you in work spaces?

“A stylish atmosphere that gets my creativity going. Ideally it doesn’t completely look like all work and business. I really don’t like those clean, despicable office spaces. Other than the things I already mentioned, location is very important. Close to a subway or train station and easy to reach. And I’m always appreciative of a good piece of cake Emotikon smile”

How do you prefer to pay?

“Preferably through Paypal or credit card. No cash needed, payable in advance and uncomplicated if you are suddenly in a rush and need to leave quickly.I prefer daily packages because I don’t stay in places that long. And I also like to try out various coworking spaces in one city. That’s why I really appreciate the Desk.Works app, because it gives me suggestions in my surrounding area and makes it easy to book day packages.”

Thank you Bastian, see you in Berlin and have a safe flight!