Summer is comming. We all want to look fit and feel healthy. But unfortunatly If we seat all day in front of the computer at home or in office, skipping meals, eating fast-food it’s very easy to own couple of additional kilograms. Cut it now! Try coworking space.


The biggest advantage of all coworking spaces all around the world is exposed also this time, when we’re talking about staying fit (despite the lack of activity in our sitting-jobs). Many of coworking spaces on a regular basis organize sport-related events like pilates, yoga or fitness. Check the list of coworking in your neighbourhood to check which one will allow you to stay in shape, without buying a carnet for gym. Second thing is comfortableness in usage – coworking spaces have to often much more than only desks. With new DESK.WORKS update, you can simply search for coworking with shower. No more drama with loosing time for getting between work / home / gym – now you can work and exercise in one place, take there refreshing shower and after that – head out to the town with friends. It’s also great option to drive to coworking on a bike / rollerblades and freshen up before you’ll start to work. Not many other places can offer you such a facility!



Problem with keeping the resolutions, especially the healthy ones, is the lack of motivation. It’s impossible to stay well motivated when you’re alone in this efforts. Finding people to spend time together, in an active way is super easy in coworking. As you’re surrounded by similar-minded people, there is a huge probability, that they’re open to start new activity together with you. Kitchen time is the best time for finding new jogging-friends. Pin note about your idea to the coworking board and wait till end of the week to gather the full group. And if you’ll notice that this topic seems to attract many eagers, don’t hesitate and start a conversation with your coworking host about creating some evening sport classes. It can be nothing but fun! Mutual motivation it’s the world’s best known solution to achieve your goals!



Eating fast foods is delightful pleasure, that is also a killer for our health. This is the saddest fact I’ve realized in my whole life, but facing it doesn’t have to be such harsh experience if you’ll learn to make a small fiesta with every fit meal you’re preparing. You can prepare your mealbox before going to work and divide it in small portions. Eat often, it’s benign for your digestive system. Ok, but what’s more important than – eat beautiful, smashing, tempting snacks. If you don’t have time to prepare it, consider ordering fit catering or finding healthy source of meals close to your coworking. And if you need an inspiration, take a look, and remember – packing lunches isn’t just for the littles!


Check out this random board on Pinterest that contains myriad of healthy lunch ideas – we tried and fell in love!