First time in coworking? Quite stressed, huh? Don’t worry, rules are quite simple here, and you can sum up them in this short sentence: ‘be awesome instead of being jerk’. Check out our previous post, with the basics of what-to-do and what-to-avoid while working in coworking. Today, we’re covering other important aspects, related much more to psychological aspects of making relationships. How to make a good first impression, how to get along with your coworkers in a long run?

Give honest feedback to your coworkers, even if it’s harsh

When you ask your deskmate for an opinion, you subconsciously want to hear something good. After weeks of work, everyone would feel a bit disappointed getting ‘low grades’ from the colleagues. But that’s exactly what coworking is all about – creating not only a space to work, but also a community of exceptional minds. So remember – whenever somebody will ask you for your feedback, make it valuable and don’t smooth the edges. It’s not the farmer’s wives’ association, but the community of the greatest minds, so keep up the level of conversations, even if you’re not accustomed to being brutally honest. In the end of the day, the feedback you can get in return will be as powerful as the one you gave. You know what they say – gold tries in the fire, and it’s the biggest added value to your project you can only think about. Do your homework and practice being honest instead of being just polite.

Startup Stock Photos‘Mind your language’ while talking to coworkers

Even if you’re surrounded by lawyers and accountants (yep, that may happen), those will be probably the coolest lawyers and accountants in the town, so don’t even dare to start your morning conversation with some corporate official small-talk. Head your firsts steps in the morning to the kitchen, it’s a place where you’ll hear all the most important news and start your day with a portion of laughter. Be yourself, stay open-minded and have fun with other coworkers. In the end, you didn’t quit your boring job in order to continue to be stuck in the framework of the official communication.

Pay attention to your coworker’s dilemmas

Ask questions. Not only talk about your ideas and projects, but most of all listen to what others have to say. While discussing their problems you learn a lot about running own business. Even if you think that their field of specialization is very far from what you do, such conversations could be the biggest motivation for you. People who work in coworking claim, that the moment of enlightenment came to them while they were discussing dilemmas from a totally different branch of business. Being helpful and solving problems together is the faster way to create long-term bonds with your coworkers. And that’s the key to feeling like a part of coworking community!getting along with coworkers