Coworking is not only about awesome shared spaces because it involves forming the community and maintaining creative collaboration. It’s perfect opportunity to bring freelancers and various independent professionals together – motivated people, who are connected by valuable ideas and splendid working skills. Best coworking spaces are buzzing with activity, charisma, and creativity. There are many innovative ideas and hugely successful startups that were born in coworking spaces worldwide. The most glaring and important examples are Uber (launched in 2009 in the coworking space „The Yard” in New York) or Instagram (started in 2010 in Dogpatch Labs, San Francisco, California).


So if you are a freelancer, who often works at home, or you travel a lot colliding randomly with other digital nomads, it’s very important to locate best coworking place for you. Here are some useful tips for searchers and early stage entrepreneurs:

Taste the vibe of every coworking place you came across. Many coworking spaces offer free day passes for potential users, so you can check out as many of coworking offices as you can, to find the space that perfectly suits your needs.  For example, ask yourself if you want to work in quiet working environment – or maybe you prefer busy and energetic workplaces? The decision is always yours.

Again ask yourself: What kind of space do you prefer? Trendy and hip coworking space? Or maybe something eccentric & futuristic? Or perhaps traditional office? If you are still not sure about your preference, visit few most promising places multiple times and finally choose the right one.


One of the most important things when it comes to find best coworking place are your future fellow members. Find the community which will be important for you,  easy to connect and a good fit for you.  Members of such community should be fully supportive, diverse and welcoming. Don’t hesitate to ask community managers and professionals about a community you want to be a part of.

After having first interactions with the members of chosen community it’s necessary to check out the event schedule. There is plenty to choose in most coworking spaces: meetups, networking events, presentations, etc. Some of these events are certainly worth attending – it’s always great to learn some vaulable skills and gain the fresh perspective.

If you need space for future collaboration projects or meetings with your clients make sure to choose coworking place with the variety of meeting rooms. Such rooms should include plenty of chairs, conference tables, whiteboard, blackboard, projector and projection screen.  Other workspace options worth considering are quiet zones and private rooms perfect for freelancers, who want to work without being constantly interrupted. Non-multitasking and uninterrupted work requires concentration on one thing and obviously, it’s the most productive.


Don’t forget to take work breaks regularly. Avoiding lunch breaks is a terrible blow to your productivity, concentration and mental state. Before choosing appropriate coworking place, make sure space offers various amenities like refrigerator, dishwasher, toaster, a dining table (or tables), sink with cold and hot water, microwave, rubbish bins, etc. The dining room needs to be hygenic, waterproof and obviously separated from any work process. It’s essential to prepare and consume meals in hygienic conditions.

Selecting the right space for you may be a bit of tough challenge, but there are so many options to consider that for sure you will find the best coworking space sooner or later. Happy hunting!