Working from 9 to 5 in office is sooo not dead. You can even think that all that latest articles about remote work are just a fashion, that will quickly pass because nothing will ever change in the old system of working in offices with a boss behind the wall. People might create own small businesses and work from home, but huge corporations and companies will stick to the tradition.  Wise, realistic approach. But whoops… it just has changed. Even the biggest and hottest companies are switching to the remote mode.

Hall of fame

Now let me introduce to you some of the most recognizable companies from the long list – created by Forbes – of 125 companies where all or most employees work remotely:

Basecamp | Buffer | duckduckgo | FlexJobs | GitHub | Groove

Help Scout | inVision | MeetEdgar | Mozilla | MySQL | Olark | Zapier



Bespoke job

That’s a massive trend and it only means that if your position can be done remotely, there is a huge probability to find a job in your dream company, even if you’re 10.000 miles away. Just be up to date with company’s website and keep an eye for open positions. Every day more and more companies decide to open their doors for this new kind of workers – and both sides seem to be delighted because of this solution. The worker productivity quickly improves and the work-life balance is re-established. People who tried this claim that they simply love it and they wish all the same – creative freedom, flexibility and healthy relations with other coworkers and company.

Go with the flow

If you’re entrepreneur, don’t wait until your competitors will steal your thunder. As a modern, aware of the importance of employee marketing, you should think about hiring new members for your team from the freelance community or to rent a desk for your current employees in coworking. Why would you do this? Just check out these stats, from the research conducted in the corporation that decided to rent desks in coworking for its workers. 70% of employees claimed that they were able to accomplish tasks much faster,  and in the same time 100% of them – and that’s really insane – said that the relationship with their boss hadn’t changed!

What are the rules?

The rules in remote work are pretty much the same as when you work with something in the same room. Skype, Trello, Slack make delegating tasks, solving problems, sending files and reporting super easy. You can limit the number of workplaces in your office and reduce costs of keeping a huge headquarter in an attractive business area. In the same time, you’re making your coworkers happy because they can work from shared space near their home or school of their children.

Maybe a good way to find out whether your coworkers are eager to try remote work would be to conduct interviews with them? Today, let’s say. And you can always book a place for them in the best coworkings with DESK.WORKS.