You’re the brand. You’re your own startup. Let’s think for the moment about the process of building your personal brand… as a vlogger. If you ever thought about this, let us give you some advice before you’ll put a notice on your boss’s desk. Starting own YouTube channel is a huge adventure, make sure you’ll safely go off your current 9-5 job port.

Do your research but don’t follow the crowd

Think of your own format that would be not a replicate, but an exclusive proposition for your potential subscribers. If all on YouTube are doing the ‘Questions and Answers’ thing, you should probably go for ‘Peculiarities and Unknowns or ‘Lies and Half-Truths’ – I hope you get the feeling. Be different, be remarkable.

Be PRO even without fancy gear

Don’t invest all your savings for GoPro camera, dozens of tripods, the system of self-timers and professional digital agency. There will be time for that. Firstly – like in every startup, you need to quickly test your MVP (Minimal Viable Product), which in this case is your first couple of videos. Learn some easy tricks to make them professional-looking, even if you’re shooting with your iPhone. Image stabilization, noise reduction, perfect lightning – guys from HowToGeek knows a lot about this.


Before you’ll put an ad before your vlog

Road to become a YouTube partner is long, so be patient. It doesn’t mean though, that you need to sit and wait until your subscription level will reach thousands of people. You can still hit to the companies from your niche with the proposition of collaboration and your own idea for giveaways, sponsored videos. Think also about adding affiliate links into descriptions of your videos. Don’t wait until others to make the first move, go and get some money for your own development! It’s always easier to get Big Fishes from the industry with some experience gained thanks to collaborating with less popular brands

Opt-out from the settled job

It is possible, but before you’ll make this step, go the extra mile and win some long-term contracts with sponsors and brands. Make sure you always have some cash on tap and you’ll be able to focus on your online show completely. Monetizing your vlog is importnat, but it cannot be the only reason for running it. If you’re patient and hard-working type of person, with a litte bit of luck you will make decent money in the end. For the beginning – try to upload first video and learn how to market it with this guide.