Many young people are strongly attracted to the idea of freelancing because it offers flexibility and high earning potential. Some of the top-paying freelancer jobs of choice today include web developers, software developers, multimedia artists, graphic designers, accountants or interpreters/ translators. Unfortunately finding the best place for a freelance job can be pretty tough and challenging. Here are some useful suggestions where to find ideal workspaces.

Working comfortably from home is an obvious choice for skilled and motivated freelancers. Home-based self-employment offers freedom and flexibility – as a freelancer you can create your own workspace, shift your working hours to evenings and weekends when it suited or enjoy more free time for traveling, pursuing personal hobbies and interests or visiting family and friends. Still, there are obvious drawbacks of working from home including the lack of motivation, loneliness and various offline/ online distractions that are not so easily avoided. So what are other alternatives?

If you need cozy and peaceful working place with the quiet library may be a nice choice. Libraries usually have open desks, private rooms, and free Wi-fi connection. Your work or motivation can be easily inspired by different motivational books. So get your library card and enjoy working surrounded by books and knowledge!

However, if you want to socialize with fellow freelancers find some pleasant coffee shops (or even bookstores with cafe) near you. Such hangout places with a unique vibe and reliable Wi-fi are perfect spots for networking and idea sharing. Two things to remember, though! Avoid going to coffee shops during busy business hours (for example during breakfast or lunch), when they become too noisy and crowded. Secondly, you have to purchase a cup of coffee or tea and related beverages each time you visit your chosen coffeehouse.

If you are traveling freelancer hotel rooms or lobbies can be worth considering. Many hotels offer comfortable business centers with Wi-fi access, desks, computers and a printer.

You can even work be sitting on the bench in your local park if the weather is nice and you have secure Wi-fi hotspot on your laptop.

Last but not least, you can try working at coworking spaces, which are essential places to meet other independent workers and exchange creative ideas. They are often warm, cozy and wallet-friendly plus offer fast Wi-fi connection and basic amenities for example conference rooms, printers, desks, and coffee. There is a sense of belonging among the members of coworking space community. You can connect and share experiences with like-minded freelancers and entrepreneurs. You can get full support and inspiration from the members of niche community and build meaningful relationships and networks. Joining right coworking space can be a viable alternative to home-based freelance work. Don’t hesitate to try it as soon as possible!