We’re just a month from the date of the Pokemon Go launch! You better remember that date – 6 of July – the day when the madness started. One month that has left us all speechless. Time to sum up all the biggest pros and cons, photos and situations that went viral, as well as our very own experience.

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Although it was initially available only for Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S, people from all around the world managed to register as Australian citizens to download the game (including us). This app is already bigger than Tinder and is closing in on the same number of daily active users on Twitter. But what’s probably the most bizarre – there were days, when more people have been catching Pokemons than… watching porn. That being said, everyone who was skeptical is now forced to rethink the phenomenon of this ‘childish game’.

[For those of you who lives on the different planet and are can’t keep up with this post: the app is based on the Pokemon story, that has been popular a decade ago. Your job is to walk the street of your city and hunt for 151 different cartoon characters. You can find them in your grocery shop, in the back seat of your car, even on your boss’ desk].

Catch ’em at your desk!

You know, if the world were fair and if all bosses were real human beings, catching Pokemons at the place of your work would be included in your daily routine. Why? It’s healthy, it’s a perfect motivation to get some activity. It’s relaxing. Awarding. Self-confidence building. It gives you the new job title – Pokemon trainer. (Yes, it’s a brand-new job, and this girl makes a 20$/hour on hunting Pokemons). No wonder, that some companies tried to incorporate Pokemons into their employee integration – it’s pure fun:


There are multiple ways to play Pokemon Go while working. Quietly sitting at your desk, or while shuffling from your desk to the kitchen or toilet. One good tip here: if you find a Pokémon near your boss, try to ignore it. Just close your eyes and keep going. Next time it’ll be yours.

Many also said that this app has really boosted the morale of employees. With a huge marketing opportunity, Pokemon Go can be a perfect tool for agencies to creatively incorporate these small creatures into new campaigns for their clients. The boom is actual now, so instead of resisting, it’s better to go with the flow.

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But is this fairy tale real?

Browsing the web stories about Pokemons you can also hear the voices from the other side: ‘We are paying you to work, not chase fictional video game characters with your cell phone all day. Save it for your break time or lunch. Otherwise, you’ll have plenty of time unemployed to ‘catch them all’ – wrote one pissed boss. Probably it’s a little bit risky – the game can become your new addict. To avoid grumbling like an old and lonely aunt I’m going just to add, that for sure playing at work can be distracting. Especially, if your will isn’t made from iron.

And be careful out there, trainers – frequent PokeWalks with coworkers can be a great opportunity to build team spirit, but can also be dangerous. You’re probably not car-prove, not water-safe. A teenage girl drowned in the river trying to catch some water Pokemon. Security experts raise also other issues, asking: would thieves use lures to attract players in one place and create for themselves a perfect chaos conditions? Maybe it’s an overstatement, but look what happened in the center of New York City, when a rare Pokemon called Vaporeon showed up in the Central Park (or Squirtle in Bellevue Park):

Final decision is all yours.

Try to put on the scale all pros and cons. Pokemon Go doesn’t have to hurt your work engagement, but it probably should be limited to the time you have breaks or meet with your coworkers after job. Eat your lunch outside. Get coffee for your team. Fill your Pokedex, but stay focus on what’s really important.

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PS. Remember the company I mentioned above that allowed people to play Pokemon Go while working? Sad to say, but they quickly took it back – here’s their disclaimer.