Berlin, a world city of distinction… not anymore! Today’s at DESK.WORKS blog official report from this beautiful city, where DNX conference took place. We were there, we listened, learned and enjoyed these two days with 400 other people who love coworking and can’t sit in just a one place.

As they write about themselves – in the DNX Community you can find a lot of like-minded people, who are one of the friendliest, most creative and most open community in history. By using #ichoosefreedom hashtag they clearly state their mind about prefer life- and workstyle. Well, from what we’ve seen in Berlin last week – they don’t exaggerate.

All tickets for DNX events are always sold out – nothing really changed this time. This event was again a massive success. We’re proud to announce it, because – yeah, time to boast a little bit – DESK.WORKS was a sponsor of this conference! And we sponsor only the best events in digital nomad & coworking world!


There was a possibility to listen experts and snach a little bit of their passion, know-how, energy and business knowledge. We’re still under huge impression of Matthew Mockridge speech, that gave us tears of emotions. Talks were simple, yet powerfull, just take a quick look for their titles: ‘Get shit done’, ‘Kill the canvas’, ‘The time is now’. All of them were full of advices of how to become a Digital Nomad.



Small-talks during breaks were on the other hand an amazing possibility for all of us to hear inspiring stories from all around the world (and to grab some fresh snack too). We were there for you (and selfishly also for ourselves, just to recharge our batteries) – and we’d like to say THANK YOU for all smiles, ideas, feedback, encouragement. Here are some pictures from these chit-chats moments:




Our idea for making this event even more splendorous was to organise a game that will immediately shorten the distance and bring people together. We put small surprises under the chair of each attender and we waited until the networking time to let them know what to do. Mission was simple – look at your own icon and find your pair. Easy thing to do, right? Just look around and… oh wait, there’s a 400 people there.

The one thing you need to know is that Digital Nomads don’t resign easly. See how creative they acted while looking for their pair. We’ve seen our cards everywhere, and we mean it: on their heads, backs, in teeth. Some techie of them were smart enough to look for pair using social media and hashtag #dnx:


Why was it worth to find your pair? Well, there was a great prize waiting for lucky & observant ones – voucher for a day in coworking. No place specified – with our app everyone may book a desk easly, wherever they want. Maria from DESK.WORKS gave a speech about our app and awarded happy brand-new couples with vouchers for 20$ (one day in coworking). There was also a special prize for the person who found under the chair card with icon from DESK.WORKS app – 99$ that can be spend on five days in coworking spaces which she can book thanks to our app. Bon voyages, dear!


Oh, and don’t forget about afterparty! That’s a whole different story, but enough to say that it took place at the roof of one of the Berlin’s skyscrapers with view on Fernsehturm. Cheers to all Digital Nomads who make these days so glamorous! It was super-fun!


DNX events are bridge for people who look for business partner, but not only – it’s often a start of  valuable and long-term friendships. Unique DNX Spirit can not be expressed in words, you have to experience it firsthand. For that – be up to date with their upcoming events:

Thank you Marcus and Feli for organizing this amazing conference!