We’re not going to discuss whether dogs and other animals are distractive or not in a workplace. Although pets lovers are all around us, there is also a pretty big group on the opposite side – who simply doesn’t like / is afraid of / doesn’t even care of our fluffy friends. Instead of polite talks, we’re going to find out, how to make this coexistence bearable for all sides: enthusiasts, malcontents and pets.

Uncontrolled pee, howling aria and bitten cable.

Ok, we’ve got this. Pets = noise, distractions and racket, that’s all true. When we (me and Bocca, my dog) have our First Big Day Out and we (or rather just me, in this case) wanted to work a little, first thing what my dog did was to go straight to the desk in the centre of room and make a pee. Apparently, 20 minutes walk before entering coworking space wasn’t enough for her to find some good looking and smelling piece of lawn. You never know how will your pet act in new place. No matter how sure you are about how well-bred he/she is, there is ALWAYS something to be surprised of. Truth to be said – dogs, cats, ferrets and the whole rest of this motley crew are distractive and not always public correct. (But hey, some people aren’t sometimes any better, right?). Deal with it. Accept it. And think of all possible options to make it almost painless at all.


DESK.WORKS dogs – Lilly

Here’s some of them:

Core principle – don’t bring pets where they’ll not be welcomed with an open arms.

You don’t need to feel sorry for bringing your pet with you. It’s your best friend, let him spend the whole day with you, not only the dawn and twilight. No compromises here – if you don’t want to make any, just don’t. But – ALWAYS look for a place where they’re accepted and loved. This way you never be the one who has to be thankful for showing understanding and you’ll spend day with people who do understand why you take your little friend with you, instead of leaving him home alone.

The most obvious and easy way to find pet-friendly place is to… take into account this particular aspect while searching for coworking space. The simplest way to find it… is do it with DESK.WORKS app, by using filter ‘pet friendly’. Simple as that – we’re pet lovers ourselves, we know that searching internet for coworking spaces that accept pets really was a pain-in-ass, so it was super important for us to solve this problem.

(Yes, there are coworking spaces where you can take dog and they turn a blind eye to your furry friend, even if they typically don’t do such things, but do you really want to always feel uncertain before entering or listening to other people’s comments: ‘What a nice cat, such a shame I’m alergic’).

For trouble maker experts – special care solutions.

Let’s talk about situation when you find pet friendly coworking space, but still there is some little problem left. You’re in the bunch of ‘fortunate’ owners of aggressive / noisy / scared / always-under-fondled animal? Well, high five then – my dog never sit calmly. I got used to it. But I don’t expect other to do the same, especially when they’re trying to work or when my dog is making other pets in a room disturbed.

Solving this problem is easy – rent a desk in a quiet room or in conference room where your pet will be the only animal. You can probably discuss this problem with host in your coworking space and decide where to hole up. Making schedules for avoiding pet-traffics it often hosts hidden talent. You might be surprised, but this solution isn’t even much more expensive – that’s because hosts really do care about their guests comfort – doesn’t matter whether they’re two- or four-legged.


DESK.WORKS dogs – Bocca

Forewarned is forearmed – what to take with you? Must-have checksheet for pet owners in coworking.

Pack your laptop, charger, organizer and… pack your pet. Well, it might seem like your friend needs a lot more stuff than you. It’s like with child – you’re responsible for your pet, keep it in mind and you’ll never be surprised by any accident.

Pet owner & coworking member check sheet:
  • waste bags
  • pet’s health card with information about valid vaccinations
  • plastic bowl / bottle of water
  • favorite toy
  • something that’s really chewy (and it’s not the other member’s bag or shoe)
  • lead / muzzle
  • blanket