Today on Inspirations DESK.WORKS we are happy to host our guest – Tara Dalrymple Community Manager of Superpixel Labs coworking space. They recently joined DESK.WORKS and so happy to share their story. Tara has strong roots in multinationals and well known household brands (Marks & spencer, Volvic, David Beckham, Disney, 20th Century Fox) with a varied and wide breadth of experience across different industries from IT consultancy to Financial PR. She was a founder of two successful companies operating in Ireland, UK and Malta. Winning a few accolades and awards along the way: Top 40 Irish Female Entrepreneurs: Image Business, Top 100 Women in Business, Winner IEDR Optimise Award and Top 38 Irish Women in Technology. She now look forward to using her contacts, experience and knowledge base within the Superpixel Labs community. Well now we know that she is very smart girls, it’s time to meet her coworking place.


Tell us more abour Superpixel Labs. Why did you decided to open this place?

Superpixel Labs based in Ireland. It’s much more than just a co-working office space. We have decided to open this place in order that Superpixel Labs provides an ecosystem designed to help entrepreneurs and startups succeed. We provide not only office-as-a-service, but also events such as the FoodTech Startup Weekend, the National Spring Clean or the Atlantec Festival which is coming soon. SuperPixel Labs offers also resources and a supportive network to help your business thrive.

Superpixel Labs incorporates an open floor plan. Also included are break out meeting rooms, a food garden, a roof terrace and a games room. We hold weekly events to bring the community together and learn from one another.


What kind of people are working in Superpixel Lab?

People working here is a mix, they all come from different background. We have a gentleman who does Yeats’ tours around Ireland for poetry and literature. Also: This is Galway, who do digital events – promotion about people and businesses in Galway. We have front-end, back-end graphic designers, a film-production company, somebody building an app for football, several photographers. They are all independent. But now, five of them are actually working together on different projects which is brilliant! That’s what this is meant to be! It’s about sharing skills, knowledge, helping out with clients. It’s an ecosystem down here!

What are the main reasons to work in your coworking space?

There’s a great ecosystem here in Galway in terms of tech – established companies who are trading globally. And the goodwill here is amazing. People will talk. They will help you out. They will network with you. They will introduce you to people. So never be afraid, especially in Galway, to ask people! They will help. Never think that you’re on your own.


If you’ve been working out of coffee shops or if you are looking for a place to work in Ireland and you wish could be more productive, come to SuperPixel Labs.