Some people love the routine. Get up every day in the morning, have coffee and go to work. Come to the office at 9am, sit at your desk and start working. Actually nothing changes – day by day the same thing. Only that sometimes it is difficult to focus on work, get easily distracted and it may be hard to feel excited about your work. However, it is not the work in itself, but your workplace that influences the work. Are you sitting in an office isolated from your co-workers, staring in the void and feeling a bit trapped?
If this is the case then it’s the high time to start looking for a more interesting and engaging work environment than the previous one. Time to try out the coworking spaces and see how they work.



While most of the classic offices are constructed in a plain area and some people are isolated from others and have no opportunity to share their ideas or enjoy conversations with other co-workers, a great alternative for them could be shared spaces. They allow their employees to become acquainted with things they weren’t aware of before. One day you eat lunch with your friends and the next day you talk to a complete stranger who can become your good friend. On another day you can take part in an event organized in your coworking, about something you have never heard before, but still decided to explore the topic.
When you are in a completely new place, do you stare on a painted wall with a mural or surround yourself with some interesting furniture or objects, unique details or patterns you haven’t seen before? At that moment your mind is stimulated by the new things that surround you. The neural connections responsible for creative thinking start to work in your brain and you become more creative. When you walk around your coworking space, you look at people working around, art works on the walls, stunning conference rooms, and as a result, this stroll makes you proud of where you work, because after a walk you may even feel like you have even own this place. The idea is quite simple – space for work, tables, chairs and walls, but to create a truly inspirational space, the need for details that will create a specific atmosphere. Small rug under the sofa in the living room, mural in the open space – all this is inspirational. Whenever you see a picture or even a pillow or a plant you have never seen before, you can get inspired.



In addition, even the courteous interest of other employees in what you do makes you more confident when talking about your job.
Using different spaces will allow you to grow. Some people passing the threshold of a coworking office feel it’s the place where they want to be and that with this space they will begin a new professional trip. A unique environment can help you wake up areas of mind that are responsible for creative thinking. Remember that inspiration leads to innovation, which in turn leads to success.



Take care of your comfort and working atmosphere.