According to a freelance digital marketing and social media consultant, Ben Matthews freelancing is on the rise. The numbers are simply staggering: there are 53 million independent workers in the USA – that’s 34% of the entire workforce. In the UK there are 1.4 million freelancers working – 14% of the entire workforce. People are tired of working in often stressful and extremely competitive corporate environments. Working from home can be pretty isolating too. Coworking spaces are about a community of passionate, like-minded digital nomads and creative collaboration.

In 2005 Brad Neuberg coined the term ‘coworking’. He both worked for himself and worked at a job, and he was unhappy because he wanted the freedom and independence of working for himself along with the structure and community of working with others. A new kind of space (coworking space) was born – San Francisco Coworking Space at Spiral Muse. Since then the number of coworking spaces continues to multiply in many major cities around the globe. Coworking became an international phenomenon with Global Coworking Week celebrated each year on 2-9 August.

Obviously, coworking is the future of work. But the question remains: why?  Here are some answers.

Fully supportive environment

The main value of coworking lies in a supportive environment of co-working space. Members of amazing co-working community provide support and inspiration for novices. A positive work environment makes people happier and more focused on their tasks & projects. A happy co-worker is a productive co-worker.

Opportunities for networking

If you are a member of a coworking community it’s extremely important to build as many meaningful connections with other entrepreneurs as you can. This will help you to get some valuable information or creative ideas. You may even meet some particularly important persons: potential investors, next clients, professionals from all industries, lifelong friends or romantic partners.

Work-life balance

Coworking space’s relaxed and collaborative culture means freedom and flexibility. Basically, you work when you’re the most productive. You are totally in control with your work-life balance. You are also able to create a workspace that perfectly suits your needs for example solitary and quiet work zone perfect for more introverted remote workers.

To sum up, a coworking gives you the option to work your way in an incredibly collaborative environment. You don’t want to miss this chance because the community is everything.