Coworking etiquette is about behaving respectfully and courteously in a shared office space. If you already joined or are looking for coworking space here are some coworking etiquette tips that will help you to adjust to your chosen coworking environment.

Be kind and friendly

Always be friendly and kind to your new acquaintances (freelancers, remote workers, and other independent professionals). Friendly and courteous people are eager to greet and meet new people. They are easy-going, helpful, approachable and actually deeply care about forming and maintaining good relationships between fellow co-workers. Respect yourself and others. Learn to listen patiently and carefully. And don’t forget to say „Please” and „Thank You”.

Keep your allowed workspace neat and organized. Wipe down your telephone or laptop with sanitizing wipes. Throw out old magazines or written notes you don’t need. At the end of your workday empty your desk tray or bin and remove trash. A safe, tidy and clean workspace always make a positive impression and will greatly strengthen your coworking community’s image.

Respect the silence

Keep your workspace quiet. Respect the silence of your shy and introverted co-workers. Don’t talk too loudly on the mobile phone, because it can be annoying to your colleagues. Your voice on phone should be pleasant and unassuming. It’s better to avoid any conflicts or confrontations in a shared office space – being obnoxiously loud and talkative is not welcome. Remember to wear headphones, if you don’t want to be disturbed.

Effective collaboration between skilled professionals or independent workers is often essential, but try to be as self-sufficient as possible. Self-sufficient workers are more confident and they gain more satisfaction from their work.

Bring your own supplies for example drinks and snacks. Do not use someone else’s dishes, cutlery or coffee mugs. Avoid drinking or eating anything from coworker’s fridge, unless you put your foods there.

Networking is the key

Try to make as many mutually beneficial professional connections as you can. It’s very important to socialize with other members of coworking community including the owner of your chosen space. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about their projects and ideas. Share your own unique experiences, knowledge and valuable skills. Concentrate on creating meaningful connections that can lead to excellent collaboration, mutual support, and creative brainstorming sessions. Help your neighbors out without expecting anything in return. When you do good things, good things happen.

If you are happy with your coworking community promote it online (on Facebook, Instagram, Blogger or Tumblr) or via word-of-mouth advertising.

Above all else, learn the rules of coworking etiquette and you will have a blast at coworking space. Lots of fun guaranteed!