Christmas is coming. The weather becomes colder, the nights are getting longer and during December people are friendlier with their colleagues. Christmas time is perfect for promoting warmth, solidarity, and companionship with fellow entrepreneurs in coworking space. Here are some clever (obvious and not-so-obvious) ideas to celebrate Christmas in coworking.

Significance of Christmas decorations

First of all, decorate rooms of your coworking space with lovely Xmas decorations for example Christmas tree and various recycled Christmas ornaments. Beautiful Christmas tree lighting is very important as it highlights the tree and the ornaments on it very well. Don’t go over-the-top with Xmas decorations, though – they should be subtle, stylish and attractive.


Organize and prepare Christmas meal or dinner

Christmas meal or dinner (Xmas Fiesta) is an ideal opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs/digital nomads, become closer friends and get to know them better. Your and their achievements and successes are worth celebrating during such special afternoon & evening. Two things to remember, though: don’t drink or eat too much during Christmas dinner & party and dress accordingly.

Christmas fun and games

There is a plethora of fun Christmas games that will make your party unique and memorable. Few examples include Belly Ballon Break (if you have enough balloons to pop), Famous Lines (usually from favorite movies, TV series, or popular books), a Secret-Santa-gift-exchange. Just make sure that your chosen games appeal to everyone in coworking space (even to introverts!) Xmas games provide tons of entertainment and are essential for bringing people together.


Special activities for entrepreneurs

Special activities outside of coworking space may include a weekend hiking trip, exciting paintball session (if the weather is good enough), jolly karaoke night, a trip to your own city or its outskirts for fun and exploration, or adrenaline-pumping kart racing. Such activities are a great way to connect with colleagues and an excellent opportunity to network. Obviously, there is more collaboration than competition within coworking spaces, because people there are way more connected to each other than in traditional corporate environments.

Planning ahead any activities

Remember to plan any activities (including awesome Xmas party) very early, because winter holidays are a busy time for the most people, who have their own personal plans. For example, any outdoor activity should be planned & booked in good time. Mark the right date, find a venue (optionally) and send your invitations to coworking space members as soon as possible.