It’s truly difficult to completely focus on the work while you’re surrounded by the December craziness, don’t you think? 😉 People are in a rush, lost somewhere in shopping haul and get busy with cooking yummy gingerbreads. Don’t be surprised – Christmas are coming! So, even if you’re going to stuck at your desk on Christmas Eve, let’s bring this Christmas cheer to your desk, all right? Have a look at how can you spread and share the joy of this special time in your workplace and not make your co-workers irritated at the same time 🙂


Simplicity is beauty

Add some lights to your ‘workstation’ – bringing a holiday charm couldn’t be simplest! And candles ($8) that fill the space with the smell of wonderland are the perfect way to keep the Christmas spirit for the rest of the year. And hey – if candles aren’t for you, why don’t you try this cheery mug ($16)? Mix some fresh coffee with a pumpkin spice latte flavor and enjoy moments of joy from Monday till Friday, EVERYDAY! 😉

Christmas cheery details
Do It Yourself!

You must admit that those Origami Christmas Trees are super charming! And, all you need to make them is a piece of paper and scissors. Easy peasy. Just follow the steps and try it out during your break with your co-workers. Hey, grab a short video showing how to made them. Don’t worry if origami it’s not your strongest point, let us share some alternative – Holiday Stockings! Enjoy that team-building activity and make stockings together, so everyone in the office could hang their own at the desk. Who’s gonna try? 😉

Christmas cheery video tutorials

Ready-to-buy and easy-to-create solutions are not exactly what you want? Why don’t you get a dose of inspirations from various creative video tutorials that will surely fill your head with crazy ideas? Remember, if you can’t make them, watch them! Haha, just kiddin’ 😉 At least try one of them!