Coworking is a fascinating alternative to traditional office spaces. The benefits of coworking spaces are obvious and numerous: connectedness with accomplished individuals from every business/ science sector, maximum productivity with mimimal amount of distractions, constant collaboration with committed and enthusiastic co-workers, flexible working hours, a sense of community instead of the isolation often connected with freelancing or working in a crowded office and affordability (cost-efficiency) of various coworking spaces/ shared offices. Generally speaking, individuals who work in a flexible coworking space environment are healthier, happier and more satisfied than traditional office workers.

But what are the benefits of coworking spaces for female entreperneurs? There is a growing trend of women-only (no men allowed) coworking spaces – places, which allow women to connect with other female entrepreneurs and professionals. According to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2012 Women’s Report: „Few resources are as underutilized in these ecosystems as women: if women are not actively engaged as entrepreneurs, the job creation capacity of half the world’s population is lost.” Unsurprisingly there are fewer female than male entrepreneurs across the globe. Female entrepreneurs are still disadvantaged due to many reasons for example a lack of mentorship, social expectations, motherhood, lack of opportunity, religious customs or the glass ceiling. Community-based and women-only coworking spaces were organized in Stockholm, New York, Washington or St. Louis. Such female-only coworking spaces enable female entrepreneurs to feel truly connected with other like-minded women and collaborate/network on a new level (without often intense competition of male-dominated coworking space environments). One thing to remember, though: such women-oriented workspaces don’t exclude men, because women are still allowed to conduct business with men outside of their coworking spaces and men are often invited for business meetings.

There are few reasons why more and more succesful women should choose coworking. First of all, in coworking spaces all members (including women) are equal – the issue of gender equality is (or at least should be) non-existent. Female entrepreneurs can provide fresh perspectives and point of views during meetings or creative brain storms.

Secondly, there is no business hierarchy in coworking space/shared office environments and no risk of discrimination. Such places offer a community of support and constant collaboration with dedicated and creative individuals. Finding highly inspiring mentorship becomes easier and the sense of social isolation is no longer felt.

Many coworking spaces offer additional perks that can be useful for female entrepreneurs for example lectures about healthy life style, effective work-life balance or personal development. In addition, many shared offices provide workout spaces, gourmet cafeterias, cozy libraries and discounted gym memberships.

It’s also more practical for home-based female entrepreneurs to meet their clients and potential business partners in coworking spaces, not at their homes. Literally all coworking spaces provide fast and reliable Wi-fi, elegant conference rooms and various multimedia goods. Coworking spaces or shared offices are truly hip and trendy places for business idea presentations.