Winter is inevitably approaching, the days become shorter, colder, darker and wetter. If you are coworking space owner, you’ve probably noticed a decline of coworkers looking for private desks, shared office spaces or meeting rooms, because it’s simply too cold for people to go outside anymore they want to. What should you do to attract more coworkers to your freshly created venue? Here are some marketing ideas that may work, when it comes to attracting potential new members.

Attractive website of your coworking space

Invest money in professional website design. Your goal is to create a website that loads up quickly, clearly, reflects the mission of your coworking space, looks professional and is easy to navigate. Make your contact details (e-mail address or other useful contact information) visible. Concentrate on updating your website with well researched, high-quality content and advertise your coworking space effectively (via regular blog posts and newsletters).

Meet your members or potential members both offline and online

Don’t expect people to come to your venue – look for them outside for example in coffee shops or in other activity based communities. Be honest and welcoming. Connect with them. You are bound to find various like minded professionals with similar goals and values. Use all the main social media platforms available – including Twitter, Facebook (creating Fb profile of your coworking space is essential if you are newcomer) or Instagram. Chat with people via Twitter or WhatsApp, make high-quality photos of your venue and its members and post them on Instagram. Be as visible to your followers as you can.

Host unique and memorable events

Hosting unexpected and memorable events at your coworking space is an ideal opportunity to meet potential new members of coworking community. The options are endless: singles events, entrepreneur conferences, scientific courses and meetings, graphic design courses, photography sessions, hackathons or even concerts of local bands. If some of the members of your coworking space are musically gifted make them play or sing sometimes!

Promote your members and their start-ups & businesses 

Meet with your members and talk with them as often as you can. You need to know their individual personalities, motivations, goals, interests, and concerns. Help your members to succeed in their activities and businesses by organizing workshops, courses or discussion panels. Support their work and achievements. Coworking is all about connection and collaboration – make sure that all of your members feel welcomed and comfortable. Empathy and kindness are extremely important as they enhance trust and collaboration.

Accept commuters and digital nomads

Try to reach out to nomadic workers and travelers – especially if your coworking space is localized in close proximity to an airport or hotels. Digital nomads are potential new members of your coworking community, so make sure to offer them reliable Wi-fi connection and a flexible membership.

Last but not least: when it’s rainy autumn & freezing winter time don’t forget about proper heating and insulation of your coworking establishment. ☺