Holidays are not as available for freelancers and digital nomads as they used to be in the era of nine-to-five jobs accompanied by a few weeks of vacation every year. That’s why more and more entrepreneurs and independent creators seek travel destinations which would make them experience holiday relaxation in an open, welcoming atmosphere, and provide all necessary office equipment at the same time.

And you, do you fell like going on an exotic (co)workation? Check out our partners who offer coworking spaces in the most jaw-dropping locations in the world. 

  1. Thailand:

Coworking and coliving space by the Andaman Sea, located on the livable, tropical island. Family style clearance for those, who seek friendly community of like-minded people.

  1. Serbia

Rural area in the north of Serbia that provides contact with nature, quiet work and rest spot. Perfect for people who need to change their mindset and find new flow in their work.

  1. Costa Rica

Space by the beach, that was set to provide freelancers and talents from around the world productive and inspiring atmosphere. Visiting Sky Loft will give you a perfect opportunity to clear you mind in wonderful tropical scenery.


sky loft costa rica

skyloft costa rica 2

  1. GOA, India

Workspace in Patto Plaza, Panjim, Goa which aims to build a community of Tech Enthusiasts, Designers and Entrepreneurs. After having your work done, in the area you’ll surely find a lot of ways to run wild ☺

  1. Dominican Republic

It’s more than just space. It is a dynamic and open community that sets creative ecosystem. Here you can work on your own project or come and take a part in inspirational ideas of other members.


  1. Bali Island, Indonesia 

Exotic island of Bali provides coworkers modern office space and idyllical environment to regenerate. Outpost provides visitors with comfty furniture, reliable wifi, two pools and a masseuse on staff to get all your needs covered.

  1. Fuerteventura, Canarian Islands, Spain

Hub Fuerteventura is a community driven coworking space on the Canary Islands. Dedicated to tech and digital entrepreneurs, digital nomads, bloggers and all talented individuals who feel like dropping in and absorb creative energy of the place.

Which one fits you best?

01AS00PF - Spain, Canary islands, Fuerteventura. Sotavento beach.