Sun has left us. Sad, but true, we need to fight the feeling of overwhelming sadness with all our forces. Just take a look and see what did the team of DxW prepared for you today!

1. Wear colours!

Oh yeah, colours! When the world is covered with fog and all you can see is the grey sky above your head, go for colours. Sun might be absent for a while, so take its place. Avangarda in fashion could be a real springboard from the daily routine. You will definitely attract glances this day. But if life isn’t for fun, what’s the reason to live it?


2. Fake it ’til you make it.

Wake up with this ridiculous decision in your heart that today… you’re going to be super happy. With no reasons, no strings attached simply smile and laugh. It takes a couple of minutes to trick your own mind and make it believe that you’re actually having an amazing party. Even if it’s 6 AM, turn on your best upbeat music and wait for happiness to come!

3. Squeeze the rainy day

Not in a mood to go nuts? Rainy days are created for such situations! There is no better option in the world than sit with a challenging book and a glass of wine in your armchair. Or practice Japanese. Or do all these things you missed the last months. Take your time, say goodbye to duties and spend an amazing evening.


4. Find inspiration

For one day make this exercise: try to find a bright side of everything you do. Different, fresh perspective. Hate wearing 10 layers of clothes? Just examine the details and you’ll find how pleasurable the structure of wool is. Don’t like the fact that evenings come so early? Light up 100 candles and enjoy the most beautiful view of your cosy, bright apartment.

5. Wakey-wakey!

Avoid sleeping for hours. No cat naps, no extra snoozes. It may only hurt your sleeping routine at nights. The temptation is huge, but fight this feeling and you’re the winner. Longer day, better mood, healthier life. The easiest recipe for a good day tomorrow.