Every remote worker wants to feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing his job each day. But it’s hard to be productive when you are easily distracted or when you work temporarily in a toxic workplace filled with needless drama or harassment by bullies. What can be done to increase productivity levels? Here are five useful tips to maximize productivity anywhere.

Early planning and creating list of priorities

Before going to sleep or shortly after waking up consider creating your list of daily priorities. Define what is the most important and why. Set deadlines for everything you do. The most important tasks & actions need to be done as soon as possible. No more laziness or procrastination. Do your prioritized tasks immediately, because your big goals and dreams are worth achieving! Mantra to remember: do one thing at a time.

Avoid or minimize distractions & interruptions

If you work remotely distractions can be everywhere. Such distractions can be both online and offline. Try to ignore various social media temptations – close your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts and focus on your projects, tasks, daily goals, actions. Unexpected visits from your friends or family members may disturb your concentration, so keep your door closed (especially when you work on time-sensitive projects).

Take regular breaks

Taking regular breaks is very important when it comes to improving your concentration. Short walks, some moderate physical activity (for example stretching or moderate exercise) are well-known and extremely effective stress reduction that can also increase your productivity.

Green flora everywhere

Surround yourself with plants at your working environment (co-working space, shared office or even traditional office). However, not only plants can help you to feel happier and stay more focused – bring on everything that makes you smile for example nature, cosmos & family pics, candles or your favorite minerals.

Good sleep at night

A regular non-interrupted sleep schedule of at least 8 hours is essential for well-being and productivity at work. It helps you to be more concentrated and focused on your daily tasks. One thing worth remembering: don’t watch television or use your computer shortly before going to bed. Listen to your favorite classical music, create your to-do list or read a thought-provoking book instead.

To sum up, concentrate on future opportunities, not on present problems.