New Year’s resolutions are always a big deal. But what about closing an old year in an organized, thoughtful way? Maybe you can make your life better right away and don’t have to wait until a hangover after the New Year’s Eve party is gone? Maybe we should quit the New Year’s resolutions and go for the Old Year’s resolutions? Here are some of our ideas created specially for the digital nomads.

  1. Rankings!

Think of the the best travel stories you gathered during 2015. What were the best places you visited? What were the best / the worst / most memorable / most dangerous adventures you had? Who were the coolest people you met? Think of the good things and bad things. Organize them into the rankings and who knows? A great blog post for your travel blog might appear!

  1. Put your photos and videos in order

Let’s face it – when you’re on your way, discovering new places and busy with your works assignments, you take hundreds of pictures but have no time to even see them and organize them. Don’t put it off, use the winter break to go through your images or to edit your videos. How awesome it is to publish your „Best moments of 2015” videos on the New Year’s Eve or January 1st?

  1. Get in touch with new friends

We bet that you met quite a few great people when travelling in 2015. You propbably added them on Facebook or LinkedIn. They might have send you a message or two but you didn’t find a good moment to get back to them. Fin dan hour or two in the last days of December to reply your new friends. Who knows? Maybe one of them will become your travel companion or business partner in 2016?

  1. Get rid of stuff

As a full-time traveler you always try to limit your lagguage to the minimum. But in reality we tend to gather lots of things in very short time. It might happen that even after a four-weeks stay in Thailand you accumulated so much stuff that your old backpack would never fit all of it. Give it a moment to sort your things, throw away the old or destroyed ones or give away the ones you won’t need to the people you meet on the spot. Digital nomads have no other choice than being a minimalists!

  1. Set the new goals

Finally, sit down and think. What you would like to accomplish in 2016? What you want to do work-wise? What skills you’d like to improve? Ans most importantly: where you’d like to travel to next? Write your thoughts down and go back to them in 2016 every week or two.

What else are you planning to do by the end of the year?