1. The end of feeling of isolation

Let’s start with the biggest human desire. We need interactions with others to function properly. To not go nuts. It’s proved, that daily contact with others help us stay focused and be more productive. Isolation can dramatically decline the capability of our thinking processes and limit our glorious ‘Oh Shit, I’ve Got An Idea’ Moments to zero. It has a crucial importance in business. What we can also observe is that working day by day with the same people in an office make us less creative and unwilling to take an initiative. Changes in coworker-squad can help to stay focused and curious. People’s stories you can hear in a kitchen, the stories of real-life business struggles are as inspiring as eye-opening. And there’s no time for being bored.

2. Having everything in a one place

Coworking is all about making your work easier. A place where everything is prepared for a creative professional can easily win your heart. Such spaces are never crowded with distractive pieces of furniture and other odds and sods. What is common for all coworking workspaces is that you’ll find there a comfortable chair paired to a wide desk, with A LOT of sockets to connect all devices you need while working. Or to accommodate your old-school books, projects and graphs if you’re an architect or artist. What’s more, free printing, copying, and scanning solutions, super fast internet connection are the coworking must-have. As well as free coffee. And the snacks. Working heaven.

3. Finally – ability to find yourself a place while working

Many people are scared to try coworking because they imagine it as a huge space with a lot of desks in the regular rows. But it’s not like that, coworkings are not build to serve in the name of discipline that prevails in the national army 😉 What you might find there is a myriad of working option, so if you’re a traditionalist and can’t imagine working without desk and chair that’s okay, but on the other hand, if you work best lying with a cocktail in your hand, that’s also not a problem. Everyone concentrate in a different way so the possibility to use the quiet rooms with soundproof walls can save your ass in a stressful moment. For a group meeting and brainstorms, conference room with a whiteboard and projector will make its job. You can always choose in which part of coworking space you want to work this day (or this hour, cause migrations are allowed) – lounge with a motivating music? Common area full of talented people to discuss your business ideas? Empty and quiet armchair in the corner of the room? The choice is yours, and you know exactly what you need in a particular moment. Don’t doom yourself for being stuck in your own bedroom or noisy Starbucks.

4. Making truly valuable business contacts

Not anyone has the opportunity to test future coworker in real life situations. But coworking make it possible, ever thought about that? Nowadays it’s obvious that for small businesses and startups finding the right employees is pivotal. Brian Chesky, AirBnb CEO – he always underlines that we’re now in the era of talents. Every day in your coworking you can meet web developers, graphic designers, PR and marketing specialists, copywriters, photographers, video producers, accountants, lawyers, business analysts, and soooo on. Doesn’t drinking coffee together sound like the easiest way to conduct a recruitment talk? And you’re also on target with your skills. Just look around to see your personal business environment, waiting to be fulfilled by you.

5. Financial & legal aspects that really rock

Coworking is the cheapest professional workplace choice for small companies, startups, and freelancers. Not only because the cost of renting an own place, especially in the center of a big city is insane and much above the financial profitability for individuals. Being home-based could be bearable for those with iron discipline of work, but still – it’s not professional to have business meetings in the own salon. Next big issue is the length of rental contracts – one year often is a minimum. Being bounded for so long, when what you may appreciate the most is freedom is not even an option here. Coworking let you rent a desk even for one day. And one day is good enough to test whether the atmosphere of this place fits you. For business travelers, the opportunity that DESK.WORKS offers – a monthly fee for ALL its befriended coworking in 68 countries. It’s limitless. And that how it should be.