Coworking movement is clearly on the rise and becomes increasingly popular. It is estimated that by the year 2020 nearly 50% of US workers will be self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs, and many of them will be coworking in shared offices and communal co-working spaces. Working from home as a freelancer can be a little frustrating sometimes: not much social interaction due to isolation nor not much chance for creative professional networking. Here are five excellent reasons for coworking.

Collaboration instead of loneliness.

Coworking allows mobility, flexibility, and choice. If you are an isolated freelancer, who are working from home please consider trying coworking. There are many safe, supportive and hugely inspiring shared office spaces with meeting rooms that are perfect places for networking and sharing ideas and professional skills.

Flexibility and a better work-life balance.

Co-working spaces and shared offices offer you the chance to move around; you are not tied to one specific place and usual work schedule. Coworking is essential when it comes to finding a happy balance between work and leisure (friends, family, traveling abroad, hiking, surfing, etc.) If your work is online based you can basically work from anywhere with reliable Wi-Fi connection.

Being a part of growing community.

One of the main benefits of coworking spaces and shared offices is that they can connect you with various like-minded professionals outside of your company. Coworking gives you an opportunity to make strong friendships and social connections. You are strongly connected to members of a community in a co-working space, so you can actually collaborate with them on your big ideas.

Cool coworking amenities.

Many coworking spaces and shared offices offer an amazing variety of attractive amenities. If you enjoy physical activity because it helps you to relax and clear your mind to try some yoga & meditation classes in your chosen shared office. You can also work out on a schedule in a gym space. There are several amazing co-working spaces with sleeping pods, quiet zones, showers, kitchens, game rooms, libraries, cafeterias, playgrounds and even climbing walls for anyone interested in mountaineering.

Coworking revolution.

The number of co-working spaces has nearly doubled each year since 2006. One word that can aptly describe coworking is a phenomenon. Coworking is obviously the future of work because it fulfills two crucial and fundamental human needs: flexibility and autonomy. Members of coworking tribe can even shape their environment and this helps to boost their productivity. There is also a glorious sense of community, where there is no rabid competition and you are free to be yourself.