If you live a life of a traveler, it might happen that the holiday season will find you hanging out on the beach faaaaaar away from home. While it is awesome during the whole year, this special time often causes little homesickness. How to fight it?

| FOOD | It doesn’t matter in which country, religion or culture you were brought up. For every one of us, holidays are associated with specific regional dishes. If you come from Poland, even the yummiest Thai food won’t make it up for the pierogis with cabbage and mushrooms. If you are English, even the best Spanish tapas can’t replace a Christmas pudding. But hey! You will find a kitchen and most of the ingredients in most of the countries. Why don’t you prepare your favorite holiday snacks for yourself and your friends? Even if you are not a master chef, you can find all the recipes on the Internet. Make an effort and …enjoy your meal!

| MUSIC | Every country or region has its special seasonal songs. If you were in your motherland you would hear them not only during the festive dinner with your family, but also in some of the shops when gift-shopping or while listening to the radio. There’s no easier way to bring the vibe of your childhood / youth holidays memories than playing some of your favorite tunes. Maybe you will even organize a little multicultural concert with the fellow travelers?

| PEOPLE | At the end of the day, holidays aren’t about the food, presents, decorations. They’re about the people. Maybe this year it won’t be your family, but people you meet on your way when traveling often become a family to you, right? Agnieszka wrote a beautiful text about it, you can read it here.

No matter where you are, enjoy these special days, relax and surround yourself with friends! Happy holidays!